Sick and Coming Home by James Mayo

It seems like most news channels latch onto a story and report every detail about the story. And while there are certainly times where I feel like the exposure some stories get is more than they need, I am very glad the various news channels have covered Kent Brantly’s story as much as they have. After all, he has many personal connections with the Christians in this area. And it is nice to see a Christian getting attention in positive ways instead of negative ones. Continue reading “Sick and Coming Home by James Mayo”

Desensitized by James Mayo

For the past two weeks, Gary, Vance and I have been painting the
baptistry. Let me first say that I didn’t even know that was the proper procedure
for baptistry maintenance. In researching products, I was informed that I
should use an oil-based paint for best results. After doing all of the prep-work,
we began painting. And did that paint smell! When we opened the can, it was
strong enough that my eyes started watering. I imagine even this morning, two
days after we finished, you will still be able to smell the lingering aroma of
mineral spirits as the paint cures. Yet I noticed a funny thing as we painted. Continue reading “Desensitized by James Mayo”