Plug it in by James Mayo

reconnectA few days ago, I was lying underneath my desk. The collection of tangled wires and cables had gotten out of hand. The first thing I did was to hang the big surge protector under my desk. It had 12 plugs on it and I figured I could find a use for each one of them. Slowly, I ran wires around to get them situated. I would have to stop occasionally to untangle some of them. Continue reading “Plug it in by James Mayo”

Are You Ready for Some… by James Mayo

No matter where you get your news, there is one unmistakable fact: football has begun. My wife would like nothing better than for all sports related news to simply disappear, yet she still knows who is playing when and where. Windsor will probably be wearing her Broncos dress at some point in the day. And I plan on trying to find the last two ripe avocados in the county before kickoff Sunday night. For the next 20-odd weeks Continue reading “Are You Ready for Some… by James Mayo”

Windsor’s Two Bites by James Mayo

We have all heard the stories about people who would give another “the shirt off their backs” if someone needed it. I have known a number of people like that (and gotten a few good shirts like that, too!). But most of the time, these good deeds come from people who have been in their share of tough, shirtless, spots. Today, I was on the receiving end of just such a gesture, Continue reading “Windsor’s Two Bites by James Mayo”