Bullet Point Christian

Looking for a house is so stressful! So many of my friends are moving, getting ready to move, thinking about moving, or wishing they could move. I’m glad we haven’t had to look for a few years! Whenever we were house shopping or looking for a rental, it was so much work to look that we just started “bullet point” shopping—bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, pool, garage, lot size, closets, and distance to church. And that seems to work pretty well. Shopping for our most recent car was much easier—what car will hold Windsor’s wheel chair that is Not a minivan? (Answer: A Prius!) Bullet point shopping is good for many things. But bullet points are terrible at some things, like prayer, fellowship, service, mentoring, and teaching. It is also harmful in two specific areas

  • Bible Study

It is so easy to study the bullet points in the Bible! You read the story, but you only really saw the main points that you have seen before. Your study of the rich young ruler goes like this:

Ö What good thing Ö Only one good

Ö If you wish Ö Keep the commandments

Ö Murder, adultery, seal, false witness, honor parents, neighbors

Ö All these things. Yeah right! Ö Sell everything (not for me)

Ö Follow Christ Ö He went away grieving

Ö Eye of the needle Ö All things possible with God

  • Worship Service

It is easy, too, to see the worship service as a checklist of the “5 acts of worship,” but it isn’t meant to be that way! It is meant to be an opportunity to worship God with other Christians that we can enjoy in the moment.

And yes, I am aware that I used bullet points to define them. But we can’t use bullet points to define our relationship with God.