Not Just Tomorrow

I am looking forward to tomorrow. And I imagine I’m not the only one. I have been in contact with a lot of people who are looking forward to tomorrow, too. Because when we show up at Jimmy’s office bright and early, we will be greeted by people who are glad we are there. They are looking for relief from a struggle they have had for weeks… Months… Even years. We will be able to help give them something that will make an immediate impact on their life. I want to thank you in advance for the kindness, care, patience, and generosity I know you will display. Because, when you are working with people who are hurting, they need the grace we can give. Because we will also have an opportunity to introduce another kind of healing into their lives – one they need just as desperately – more, even. Jimmy is a great dentist, and the people we see tomorrow need a great dentist. They also need the Great Physician. He is the one who has given us the spiritual healing we needed. He is the one who gave us the grace we didn’t deserve. And we have the chance to help give that grace to someone else. They know they need physical relief. They can feel it every moment. They need spiritual relief, too. But we don’t have to wait until tomorrow to help them with that relief.