Celebrating Life

When I was a little boy, I would hang around  “helping” my dad while he worked on cars. Once I was thrilled when he asked, “Hey, get me a wrench from the shed.” I took off at top speed, excited to be helping, arrived in the shed, and suddenly discovered I had NO idea what a wrench looks like. So I gathered up a big handful of tools, hoping one was actually a wrench, and nonchalantly brought them all back to my dad. “I brought the wrench and a few more things I thought you might need!” I explained.

The holiday we are celebrating today is kind of like that big handful of tools I brought to my dad so long ago. Some differences, some similarities, some useful, some not. This day and the lead up to it is a full grab bag of interesting items and ideas. Eggs, candy, bunnies, spring, gifts, baby chicks, ‘He is Risen’, the empty tomb, death, life, Passover, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday… Easter.

Certainly we celebrate the resurrection of Christ each and every Sunday when we take the Lord’s Supper. However, today is a day when the world is focused, for a brief moment, on those events that changed eternity—the death and resurrection of Jesus. While the empty tomb message may seem to get a bit muddled in the commercialization of a now-festive and sanitized holiday, don’t lose heart. And don’t refuse to celebrate it! Remember that each of these spring symbols can help guide our thoughts back to Christ.