Reaching Out



Last week we hosted a Rock Painting Party here at church. For those not in on the rock painting craze, this is a fun creative outlet that is very popular in our surrounding area. Simply find or purchase rocks, paint pictures or write encouraging words on the rocks, and hide them out in the community to brighten someone’s day. Such a fun and easy concept… A simple way to spread a little cheer to someone you would never otherwise influence.


As a minister I am always trying to think of ways we, as a family of Christians meeting here in this building, can influence, engage, and serve our community. Our neighbors in Tequesta, Jupiter, and Hobe Sound need to know about us! Events like our Rockin’ Egg Hunt and last year’s Fall Carnival are great ways to make Christ’s name known in the community through the work of this group of Christians. Some other ways we reach out are through our website and social media accounts, our school supply drive last year, our work (as a congregation and as individuals) with the homeless, etc.


Let me know your ideas for sharing our church with our community. Email me at


As the Deer…

I spent a few days working outside this week and, even though it wasn’t as hot as mid-summer, I was parched! I felt like I couldn’t get enough cool water to drink once the work was done. I thought about the song we often sing. “As the deer pants for the water so my soul longs after you.” It’s based on Psalm 42 – probably written by one of the sons of Korah.  He said, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” They knew what it was like to be far away from God – spiritually dry and thirsty. And they seem to have known the joy of being with God and satisfied by God. We may not be known as descendants of one of the leading rebellions against Moses, but do we recognize when we are far from God? Do we know when we are thirsty? How many times are we that thirsty for God and His Word?

The world is a hard place through the week as we outrun temptation, work hard to share Jesus with our friends, try to take care of our families, and strengthen our Christian friendships. It’s easy to get tired out there and it’s easy to feel parched. I hope that Sunday worship services can be a fulfilling time where you can go to God and be refreshed like the deer at the cool streams of water.

Wild Encounters

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday and she wanted to go to this animal encounter down in Boynton. You could “meet” all sorts of animals like goats and donkeys and ponies… and more exotic animals like a lemur and a kangaroo. But what she was really excited about was her chance to pet a baby sloth! And she wasn’t the only one! We were crowded up next to an enclosure in the blazing Florida sun with fifty or sixty of our new best friends. I was thinking to myself afterward… How interesting it is that human beings crave new and exciting adventures, whether it’s travel or a new possession or the chance to meet a wild rainforest creature face to face. But how often do we walk past beautiful adventures without recognizing them? When we avert our eyes from the homeless, when we walk swiftly past the teenagers hanging out at the park, when we decline an invitation to volunteer at a school or a charity… we are giving up opportunities to expand our horizons and to interact with new and fascinating people. I challenge you this week: meet someone new and show them your heart for God.