Long Journey

My little family went to Seattle last week for a much-needed vacation. We saw waterfalls and lavender fields, deep green forests and majestic mountains… and we saw A LOT of the inside of an airplane! The beautiful Pacific Northwest was a treat; the long, long journey there was NOT. We were cramped up in our tiny airplane seats, Windsor strapped into her car seat between us for hours… and hours and hours… We were sleepy, hungry, sore, and grumpy. We made the best we could of the journey, listening to music and watching movies and eating snacks, but it was uncomfortable. At moments, it was downright miserable!

How like life! Sometimes the journey of life is downright miserable. Sometimes we are doing our best, just slogging through the difficult times, making the best of a less than comfortable situation. I made it through that long airplane ride because I was focused on my family beside me. I needed to be tough for them. I needed to be as optimistic as I could be. And I also knew at the end of it, there would be rest. On the days that seem to never end, please remember your church family surrounds you, ready to help you bear your burdens… the hard times won’t last forever even in this earthly life… and when the earthly life is done, eternity with God awaits.

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