Pumpkin Spice Christians

It’s that time of year again! The air begins to crisp. The leaves begin to show off their colors. Well, not in Florida, but in other places. We can use our imaginations! But we really know the season is changing when we start to see Pumpkin Spice… pumpkin spice everything! We’ll drink pumpkin spice lattes and eat pumpkin spice scones. Trader Joe will have every imaginable beverage and snack spiced up with pumpkin. Pumpkin spice will be all the rage for a few weeks. And then it will be gone… Remembered fondly from time to time, but mostly set aside in favor of some other flavor of the week. Some things aren’t made to last.

Jesus told a story like this in Matthew 13. The farmer sowed the seeds and some landed on the rocky soil. The plants grew swiftly but couldn’t last because the soil was shallow and the sun was hot. The roots needed the substance of deep, nutritious earth to support the quick-growing plant. Without it, life was short. Some things aren’t made to last.

But some things are made to last! We are made to last forever, and we have goals and a purpose to match. So, we need a faith that will last, as well. We need a deep faith that will last through the daily struggles of life. We need faith that is deeper than our struggles… Because our purpose can’t be achieved in a weekend or a season.

Our faith can be like pumpkin spice or like the plants in the rocky soil, in-your-face, swift, flamboyant… and not made to last. Let’s aim instead for a faith that is steady and deep, with rewards that will last forever.

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