Open House

Selling a house is hard work! And I don’t just mean painting, and packing, and repairs… It’s hard work because it feels like we are continually on display. I guess we are. At any moment, our realtor can say she’s bringing absolute strangers to come analyze every room of our house. Even the closets are open to view! It feels so vulnerable knowing everyone can see everything you own. “Did he stack the dishwasher like his wife asked?” “He left his towel on the bathroom floor!” So when our realtor calls, it’s a dash to make everything perfect. Every flaw matters.

We live our lives like this too sometimes, don’t we? On the outside, or in any aspect people can see, we try to be perfect. Or at least “fine.” We don’t want anyone prying in to the broken parts of us. We don’t anyone peeking in at the hurt, angry, flawed parts of us.

This isn’t the abundant life Christ promised! We should be living lives of authenticity… lives where we share the brokenness and are accepted as we work to live in wholeness… lives where we share the hurt and ask for help to heal it.

Our realtor is at my house for an “open house” today. She invited every random stranger to wander through every room. And it’s hard because we are protective of our privacy. As you make changes to your life to be open, transparent, authentic, and to truly “do life” together as Jesus did with his disciples… It will be strange and uncomfortable, too. But it is a necessary part of the Christian walk. It’s one I’ve not always excelled at.

Tell your sins to each other. And pray for each other so you may be healed. The prayer from the heart of a man right with God has much power.  James 5:16

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