Anyone who knows the Mayo family knows we’ve become progressively more minimal over the last 8 years. Cutting down on our belongings has been freeing in so many ways, especially now that we are packing to move across the country! When our shipping POD arrived, I honestly felt like it would be too big for our stuff. I’m sure once we begin moving boxes and furniture though, it will fill up fast. As more-minimal people, we don’t “collect” many things. In the past, I had my collection of Transformers and Lea had her Eiffel-tower-everything. And books! We’ve both been hoarders of books. But over time, we’ve let things go… even books! While we have minimized in so many areas, we still collect patches. This was a trendy collectible among our peer group during our university summer abroad. We all bought patches to represent the different places we visited and then we would sit around reminiscing and showing off our patches. Some of our friends sewed them on their backpacks, some glued them in albums. Lea and I just kept ours in an envelope. Recently, she bought a flat display box and started layering our patches in it. Europe, our various stateside adventures, Mexico, Canada. All our many adventures are represented in that box and we can take them out anytime to look at them and reminisce.

I wonder if our treasures in heaven are like our collection of patches. I don’t have such a low opinion of God to think that our heavenly treasures are silver or gold or even a “mansion over the hilltop.” I wonder if the treasures we lay up for ourselves in heaven are the memories of every good deed, every beloved friend, every beautiful adventure. If they are, then I know that each year I’ve spent at this congregation, and each one of you loved ones, will be a treasure to cherish for eternity.

Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys…

Matthew 6:20

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